• Because there is nothing like rubbing shoulders with colleagues who go through the same issues as you.
  • Because the seminar is totally intractive and you get all the answers you have been looking for.  
  • Because there is a logical sequence of important subject matter and you do practical exercises for an easier integration of the PhotoCoach System,

  • Because you benefit greatly from the group synergy which is very energizing.


Andre's PhotoCoach team propose these courses with one goal in mind:

To raise the value of the professional photography trade so that people practicing it, are able actually to make a “living” rather than only existing. With over 40 years of experience, Andre, Marie-Astrid, Joel and Sebastian offer different course options and formats across North America and Europe.

“You can obtain all you desire in life as long as you help enough people to obtain what they desire the most.”
Zig Ziglar

Colleagues in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and North Africa: in order to answer all of your questions about starting a successful career in photography, the PhotoCoach Team Europe (Marie-Astrid and Andre) offer two courses; V1 and V2Max in the form of 3 day intensive programs which will supply you with the tools necessary to correctly set up your business and especially to cultivate your passion.

For those of you living in France and Belgium, you have the added opportunity of benefiting from government aid which greatly helps accessability to this program. Of course, you must have legal status as aprofessional in order to apply.

For our colleagues in Quebec and other provinces of Canada; 2016 will mark the launch of the PhotoCoach Team Canada (Joel, Sebastien and Andre). Several new courses will be announced in early 2016. Keep abreast of these new adventure but registering on this site to receive our communiqués.

Courses offered:

1. PhotoCoach System – 3 intensive days of training

2. PhotoCoach System V2Max – follow-up of 1st course; 3 intensive days,

3. PhotoCoach System B2B – a more business to business oriented course of 2 days duration. (new in 2016)

Upcoming Course Schedule 

Eastern Canada: March 3rd, 4th, 5th 2017 : Alison, Ontario ( in English)

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