So, you want to launch a photography business. You master the techniques of photography. But… your business skills need tweaking.

Many mistakes and years of experience have proven that….

1. Focusing your energies on specializing your skills and targeting a specific market will help you to succeed.

2. Targeting a specific market will help you answer the needs and wishes of that particular market.

3. Perfecting your technical skills will set you apart from those who think that, with limited knowledge of photography, it will be enough to get by.

4. Knowing the basics of business skills will not only bring the desired cash flow but a quality of life for your yourself and family.

5. Pricing your work according to your talent and creativity will free your mind and help you to live your passion wholeheartedly.

6. Investing yearly in business and technical training will keep you ahead of the competition.

7. Delegating certain tasks will free precious time and help you concentrate on what you are best at: creating powerful images and running a successful business.

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