Create your business through personalization

You know that each artist is different so it is logical to believe that personalization can be a key to success.  In fact, that is exactly what your most valuable clients are looking for, not products or services which are available everywhere.  These clients are willing to pay a higher price when they are convinced of the originality of what they are presented with.  So it’s up to you to discover just what makes you different and special.  That’s why we offer personalized coaching service.  This program was created to support your evolution to a personalized plan of operation which will help you reach the success you desire.

Are you ready to take control of your career and to obtain the results you dream of?

  • You want to stop wasting time and money trying to master the business aspect of your studio.
  • You have a particular project in mind with which you would like to have personalized support and coaching.
  • You would appreciate having a “personal coach” on hand to constantly keep you motivated and on track with your business growth.

As a compliment to the courses offered, the PhotoCoach Team proposes private personalized accompaniment in accordance with the specialities of each of the members of the Team.

Andre Amyot

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Andre Amyot

A photographer seeks to express his/her creativity through images. As of the moment where we decide to make a living using photography a whole new set of skills becomes essential. Business know-how!

Why? Because besides creating wonderful images, we must also make the customer aware of the VALUE of our work if we are to obtain an equitable living wage. That means a good salary, an appreciable quality of life and a motivation to continue the process of creation that distinguishes us from the competition. All that, without financial stress, lack of technical resources, etc, to work with a sense of peace.

Andre has been accompanying professional photographers since 2001 and what he has noticed most is the rise in the level of confidence that his clients reach with regular coaching follow-ups. The creator of the PhotoCoach System, his experience in the industry never ceases to increase. His clients benefit greatly from the fact that he is always searching out new sources of inspiration which can be adapted to photography.

.Expertise:  Everything connected to the business aspect of your business:

  • From the Business Plan to the calculation of the profitability needed to attain your goals.
  • Deciding on your prices so you can reach the quality of life you wish.
  • Determining strategies to reach, to qualify and then to retain clients.
  • Sales strategies and processes so you can be certain that a potential client sees the VALUE of your work.
  • Time management so you don’t waste that most precious resource.

Coaching services offered:
Private coaching
Group coaching

If you are looking for guidance with the business aspect of your studio, communicate with Andre : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.