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Terms of service

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using the site.Terms and conditions

Gestion Amya Inc. operates the Photocoach.com Web site, hereinafter referred to as the « Site ». Use of the Site is governed by the terms and conditions outlined below, which constitute a contract between you and Gestion Amya Inc. (PhotoCoach International). Those terms and conditions can be amended at any time by Gestion Amya Inc. (PhotoCoach International). By accessing the Site, you confirm having read and understood these conditions. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions, you cannot use the Site to order services or products from.


The purchase price for each product ordered is the one that appears directly facing that product on the Site. All prices are in Canadian dollars. Credit card companies will convert your US dollar purchase to your own currency on the credit card statement from your bank or financial institution.

The cost of delivery and all applicable sales taxes are over and above the product price.

Gestion Amya Inc. (PhotoCoach International) reserves the right to change the price of any product offered on the Site at any time and without prior notice.


Sales taxes on goods and services are applicable according to the following rules:



Quebec Canada Outside Canada
NB NS NF Other prov.
GST5% QST9,9755% HST13% HST13% HST13% GST5% GST5% QST7,5%
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Location of Site Operations

Gestion Amya Inc. (PhotoCoach International) operates the Site from its offices in Canada. Gestion Amya Inc. (PhotoCoach International) makes no representations to the effect that portions of the Site may be used outside Canada, and it is illegal to access the Site from territories where legislation deems the contents or access to the Site to be illegal. Any person choosing to access the Site does so of his/her own free will, and it is his/her responsibility to respect all applicable local legislation. Any claim regarding the Site and its contents, or ensuing as a consequence of the use of the Site, is governed by the laws applicable within the Province of Quebec.


The Site and its contents are supplied as shown, without any implicit or explicit warranty. Subject to any public legislation to the contrary, Gestion Amya Inc. (PhotoCoach International) declines any responsibility and provides no warranties, particularly with regards to marketable quality or suitability for any particular use. Moreover, Gestion Amya Inc. (PhotoCoach International) makes no representation regarding the use, validity, accuracy or reliability of the items displayed on the Site, or with respect to the results ensuing from the use thereof. Although Gestion Amya Inc. (PhotoCoach International) takes every possible measure to avoid any errors on the Site, Gestion Amya Inc. (PhotoCoach International) waives any responsibility regarding any such errors that may appear on the Site. No related company, executive, employee, representative or agent of Gestion Amya Inc. (PhotoCoach International) can be held liable under any circumstances for damage related directly or indirectly to use of the Site, including the loss of data or profit as a consequence of the use of the Site’s contents or inability to use said items.

In the event that the responsibility of Gestion Amya Inc. (PhotoCoach International) towards you is confirmed, said responsibility would be limited to an amount equal to the price of the returned product.

Force majeure

Gestion Amya Inc. (PhotoCoach International) shall not be held responsible for a failure to execute, in whole or in part, any of its obligations towards you, nor for losses or damages that could result from such failure to execute, if said failure is as a result of a force majeure or any circumstance beyond its control.

Applicable laws

You hereby agree and confirm that your use of this Website and all of the communications, transmissions and transactions associated with this Website shall have occurred in the Province of Quebec, Canada and that you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of Quebec as the proper and most convenient forum concerning the Website.If you use the Website from another jurisdiction, you are responsible for compliance with any and all applicable local laws. Our web pages do not constitute an offer or solicitation by Gestion Amya Inc. (PhotoCoach International) in any jurisdiction where such a solicitation cannot legally be made, or to any person to whom it is unlawful to make a solicitation.